Excel tables exported from Access can't read Date/Time types

Issue #241 resolved
Tom Faris created an issue

Seems to be an issue with .xlsx exported from MS Access 2007 with Date/Time fields.

I've attached a sample table that replicates the problem. The table was exported with default options, using .xlsx format, nothing checked. I've noticed a few issues.

  • Column detection appears to stop after the Date/Time column. Worksheet.get_highest_column should be 6 in the case, but returns 5. The number of rows is correct.
  • The entire first row has None values
  • The only columns with values that return not None are the first column, and the Date/Time column. The rest return None, even though there is data in the sheet.
>>> wb = openpyxl.load_workbook(filename=r'Table1.xlsx')
>>> wb.worksheets[0].get_highest_column()
>>> print wb.worksheets[0].rows[2][1].value

If I open the workbook in Excel and save it from there, everything works with no problems, so it looks like Access is doing something unexpected.

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  1. Tom Faris reporter

    Looks like it's to do with a difference between the xml generated from Access and Excel (xml_source in the code).

    The Access-generated xml seems like it has a different structure for "inlineStr" type. Instead of a


    structure, it's:

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