Openpyxl and Hidden/Unhidden Excel Worksheets

Issue #309 resolved
Shayan Banerjee created an issue

According to the user at the following thread on stackoverflow, openpyxl does not recognize hidden worksheets.

Can this feature be added? Thanks.

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  1. Shayan Banerjee reporter

    Apologies, but I'm brand new to Bitbucket. I'm not sure what that means. Do you mind elaborating?

  2. CharlieC

    Sure. In DVCS such as Mercurial, "pull requests" are coordinated patches which makes integrating them easier. To do this you "fork" a repository (this creates your own copy of it) , make the changes to it and submit a "pull request" to the original repository. If the changes are good then they can be easily merged.

    The easier it is for you to contribute to the project and, the less work it is for us to integrate it, should make like better for everyone!

    If you are going to do anything, please work off the 1.9 branch.

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