Reading headers not working

Issue #392 resolved
Holger Hoefling
created an issue

I was trying to use openpyxl to read headers in some excel files I have. Despite seeing headers in Excel, the library does not return them. So I generated an example that also seems not to work. In the attached excel file, I inserted a left header. In the attached code I try to read it but always get the response "None"

from openpyxl import load_workbook

wb = load_workbook("HeaderNotWorkingExample.xlsx")
assert sheet.header_footer.hasHeader()

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  1. CharlieC

    Wow, the formatting language for headers and footers is truly horrible. My initial guess that we don't support reading existing headers and footers is wrong and @Adam Morris has done a great job trying to implement the specification: the various parts of a footer are lumped together with the formatting. The current code is being tripped up by a very simple bit of code &Ltest header. It looks like &L&test header is expected.

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