temporary files not cleaned properly

Issue #395 resolved
Eric Gazoni created an issue

openpyxl does not behave as a good citizen by not cleaning up after it is done with temporary files used in dump writer, if the workbook is not saved (e.g. if an exception is raised before save()).

After some time using openpyxl, you'll end up with a temporary directory full of .header and .content files

openpyxl.8iztvues.content               openpyxl._k2978b6.content  openpyxl.lx2yq_kk.header   openpyxl.ytpiipc3.content
openpyxl.8o50pnu8.header                openpyxl._kdnffrr.content  openpyxl.lxs_2al1.content  openpyxl.z0tfhglt.header
openpyxl.8ocE9S.content                 openpyxl._pyjt41q.content  openpyxl.m0sh7ir1.header   openpyxl.z0wn6nmi.header
openpyxl.8ozukb2f.content               openpyxl._rl6i4r5.content  openpyxl.m1zm0F.header     openpyxl.z10bf3t8

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