reading a big file as read_only and revising in another file as write_only is too slow.

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I have an excel file with more than 600,000 rows. I need to clean up names in the cell so I called the file as read_only and revise the name with the RE module. Then I open another file as write_only and append the revised names to it. The first 5,000 cells are done fast but it seems that after it maxed out its memory, the computer literally reads the original cell one by one, changes it, and saves it one by one. Each row takes one second. (I had the row number printed in the loop) At this rate, The computer will finish the job in about a week. It would be great if I could get the job done faster.

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  1. Batman16 reporter

    Thanks Charlie for the comments. I searched "sample code for the mailing list" but could not find useful posts. Can you give me some links to what you mentioned?

  2. Batman16 reporter

    Unfortunately, I am just an amateur user of python trying to automate things I used to do manually. So, I don't understand what the incorrect use of the API. Would be more specific? I wrote my script reading openpyxl documentations on read_only and write_only parts but did not read about using the API.

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