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Issue #675 resolved
Samy Jaimes Medina created an issue


I have a problem similar to issue #666, I create an xlsx report from a ubuntu server. When I open it from WPS or LibreOffice Calc I find no problems with file. But, when I try to open it with Microsoft Excel. I attach some screen captures. I have done some research but I could not find information about what could be this problem. I you guys need a sample, I could send it by email

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  1. Samy Jaimes Medina reporter

    sure. Do I have to send the sample to the email address in your webpage or to another email address?

  2. Samy Jaimes Medina reporter

    The error was in formulas:

    1. lack of one parenthesis
    2. mixing floating type

    I couldn't find how to work with formula and floats, so I did a value cast instead.

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