ValueError: Maximum 31 characters allowed in sheet title

Issue #694 resolved
Davide Setti created an issue

Hi, I don't understand the limit of 31 chars as sheet title. I have a web app where people can load xmlx files to import data and I can't read some of them because of this limit. Where's the problem with long titles? Should I send a pull request to make it configurable?


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  1. CharlieC

    Bildschirmfoto 2016-10-12 um 18.09.20.png I think the limit is one of historical compatibility. Excel certainly won't let you set titles with longer names and regards files which have them as corrupt, as does the validator.

    Configurability of this is not something I keen on but I'd accept a change to a warning.

    This should also be taken up with the OOXML working group.

  2. Davide Setti reporter

    @charlie_clark i understand that it's useful to have such a limit when you create a file, but not when you read. BTW LibreOffice let you create such files, but as you say MS Office (2010) doesn't.

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