Cell borders lost on save

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Pablo Gomez created an issue


After updating to v2.4.0 from v2.3.4 I have seen that just by opening a xlsx file and saving it:

from openpyxl import load_workbook
wb = load_workbook('source.xlsx')

fails to fully reproduce the previous borders of the merged cells. Specifically, not the borders of the "main" cell but those from the attached cells.


2016-10-18 11_26_10-CertTool test - Excel.png

Changes spuriously the border of any merged cells (the second cell in a merged set) is lost.


2016-10-18 11_27_45-CertTool test_out - Excel.png

Initially I thought it was a problem in the new copy_worksheet function I was trying to use, but it seems to have a more general impact.

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