`WorksheetCopy_copy_cells` should copy comment width and height

Issue #703 resolved
Laurent LAPORTE created an issue

I saw in the code bellow that comment dimensions (width & height) are not copied. Why?

def _copy_cells(self):
    for (row, col), source_cell  in self.source._cells.items():
        target_cell = self.target.cell(column=col, row=row)

        target_cell._value = source_cell._value
        target_cell.data_type = source_cell.data_type

        if source_cell.has_style:
            target_cell._style = copy(source_cell._style)

        if source_cell.hyperlink:
            target_cell._hyperlink = copy(source_cell.hyperlink)

        if source_cell.comment:
            target_cell.comment = Comment(source_cell.comment.text, source_cell.comment.author)

Here is a use case, where we should use copy.copy(comment) and implement __copy__ in Comment class as suggested in my PR 138.

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