saving xlsm file results in error & non-working Macros

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OS: OS X Python: 3.4.1 Office: 365 on Windows

Issue: Excels throws out a "repairing error" on renamed workbook, macros become unclickable.

I've read much about the problematic nature of xlsm files, and Excel's useless debugging tools after throwing the "worksheet was repaired". If anyone here can offer help nevertheless, it'd be super.

Below is the relevant piece of code: = 9 


#ws = wb2.get_active_sheet()  # get the active sheet

#ws['E2'] = 5

As you can see, I even commented out the actual writing, and still just opening the file and saving to a new file results in an error that deems the workbook unusable. Unfortunately the workbook itself is a little sensitive so I can't just attach it, I'm wondering if maybe I'm missing a certain package/version/detail?

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  1. CharlieC

    You can try validating the file with the OOXML Productivity Tool as described in the documentation otherwise we can't do anything without a file.

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