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Gennon created an issue

I am trying to make use of the LOOKUP function and therefor set a cell value like this:

sheet =
row = 10
sheet.cell(row=row, column=6).value = "=LOOKUP($E{0},$Summary.$F$2:$F$4,$Summary.$G$2:$G$4)".format(row)

This should lookup a value in a sheet named Summary. This works as intended if I do it manually.

The weird part is that when I open the file in LibreOffice Calc then I see this value in the cell:


So the worksheet name has become lowercase as well as the first column indicator (f and g).

If I open it using MS Excel then it complains and wants to remove the values entirely.

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  1. CharlieC

    openpyxl stores the function exactly as you write it. The best way to check how this should be is to look at the source XML for this but I suspect you need to use Summary!$F$2:$F$4 for the reference to a different worksheet. General questions should be directed to the mailing list.

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