Save to a file object works, but is not documented

Issue #746 resolved
walkerjim created an issue

For various reasons I'd like to open my own file-like object and pass it as the destination to a workbook's save method.

Tracing through the code and actually trying it out, I find that this works, at least in my chosen case.

I suggest that the interface specification be changed so that this is explicitly supported. Of course, you'd probably have to check through other places in the code to make sure this doesn't break anything, but I figure you'd be able to recognize that a whole lot faster than I would.

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  1. walkerjim reporter

    Thanks Charlie.

    I saw mention of save_virtual_workbook but thought it would be more elegant to use the built-in method, as it would not require me to import any other modules or classes explicitly.

    Regards, Freundliche Grüße, Jim Walker, in Eschborn

  2. CharlieC

    The best way to do this is now documented: use a tempfile that you have full control over. The save_virtual_workbook() function is now deprecated and will be removed.

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