Too many open files error when inserting many images into spreadsheets.

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Software Developer created an issue

When I insert many images into a spreadsheet, I get a "too many files" open error. See for an example. Should this be happening?

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  1. Software Developer reporter

    Okay. If I were to modify openpyxl's library to submit a pull request fixing this issue, should my modifications be based on the 2.4 branch? I would of course include unit tests.

  2. CharlieC

    Yes, it's fine to work on the 2.4 branch for this. I think the code can probably be simplified at some point so that only an instance of PIL.Image is required and an optional anchor. But this can be done later.

  3. Software Developer reporter

    Okay. Thank you for this information. I will get to work on making a fix and unit tests.

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