incorrect code in ChartProtection & test

Issue #764 resolved
Kirill Zaborsky created an issue

openpyxl/chartsheet/tests/ specifies SHA-512 and spinCount="100000" but hash is calculated using 1 run of sha256 and also tested hashValue is hexadecimal when it should be base64

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  1. CharlieC

    You're right but please note we only support the simple XOR encryption used for Worksheet protection.

  2. Kirill Zaborsky reporter

    Sure but what's the point of providing incorrect implementation and adding tests for it? It's at least misleading library users.

  3. CharlieC

    Excuse me for breathing! It was a simple mistake, though I personally didn't actually write this code. Given that the algorithms for the various encryption schemes are not part of the specification then this kind of mistake is easy to make.

    Instead of complaining how about submitting a PR that fixes this?

  4. Kirill Zaborsky reporter

    Excuse me for bug reporting, I've found that code in Google, I wish I could have time to fix libraries I don't use. Sorry for letting you know. Feel free to close the ticket

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