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I'm having a problem reading cell value that is calculated based on a formula. Even though I've passed the data_only argument and openpyxl returns a calculated value, it's not being calculated correctly. I'm suspecting that this could be due to the formula elements refering to cells with another formulas.

Example: cell "A1" with formula "=SUM(D36:G36)", evaluating in excel to 24.50 cell "D36" with formula =IF('Source WS'!F9>60,IF('Source WS'!F9<=90,'Source WS '!C9,0),0)/1000, evaluating in excel to 24.50 rest of the cells in range with similar formulas to "D36", evaluating to 0.

When trying to read value without data_only=True, I get a "=SUM(D36:G36)", so row/column given is correct.

With data_only = True, openpyxl returns a calculated value of "A1", but it's not the correct value i.e. not "24.50" in this case.

This is roughly the code I'm using (also tried internal_value, iter_rows etc.): wb = openpyxl.load_workbook(path_to_file, data_only=True) ws = wb.worksheets[0] print(ws.cell(row=39, column=4).value)

Thanks in advance!

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  1. CharlieC

    This has nothing to do with openpyxl but with whichever application last evaluated the formula, all we can do is return the cached value.

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