setting property plotVisOnly for charts

Issue #828 resolved
Matthias Lienert created an issue

I tried to set/unset the option for plotting hided lines in charts.

The entry in the xlsx -> chart.xml is plotVisOnly

Is there a generic way to set properties in excel which are not natively suported in openpyxl? or is there a "real" method or attribute to manipulate the plotVisOnly option?

In the "excel-GUI" the option can be found in context menu of a chart -> select data.... -> Hided and empty cells -> show data in hided rows and cols

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  1. CharlieC

    It's not been implemented yet. openpyxl is based around the OOXML specification which is far from intuitive so some thought has to go into how things like this are exposed to client code. This one itself shouldn't be too difficult as it's only a boolean.

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