col_idx does not exist as a property of ReadOnlyCell

Issue #969 wontfix
James King created an issue


I was writing some code and noticed that col_idx does NOT exist as a property of ReadOnlyCell, but it does for normal Cell instances. I wrote a workaround:

getattr(cell, "col_idx", cell.column)

But, obviously, it would be preferable to just be able to retrieve col_idx.

Furthermore, cell.column in ReadOnlyCell is a number, whereas in normal Cell instances is a letter.

I may try to submit a patch later, but I wanted to have this logged in the meanwhile.

I didn't try this in the latest version of openpyxl, but looking at the source in master it seems to have not been addressed yet.

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  1. James King reporter

    This should probably be a separate issue, but also read_only.EmptyCell is missing those properties completely.

  2. CharlieC

    In this case ReadOnlyCell's have the future API. In a read-only context I'd tend to use enumerate anyway.
    EmptyCell is a singleton and is just there to keep selections of predictable width. You're probably doing something wrong if you're checking for anything other than None.

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