print titles: print_title_rows does not work in LibreOffice

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Christian created an issue

Print titles created using




don't stick in LibreOffice 6.0 but work fine in MS Excel 2013. I haven't tested in previous LibreOffice versions.

If you create a new excel file in MS Excel and repeat a row, LibreOffice gets it..

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  1. CharlieC

    The implementation conforms to the specification so this may well be a problem with LibreOffice. Can you provide a sample file?

  2. Christian reporter

    Thanks for your quick response. You're right, I thought of that, but since LibreOffice opens MS Excel-generated files correctly, I suspected openpyxl to be guilty.. Example file attached.

  3. CharlieC

    As far as I can tell this is a problem with LibreOffice not handling the cell references correctly. If you add the same rows in LO manually and look at the file you'll find that it essentially duplicates the print titles.

    LibreOffice still has a lot of OOXML related bugs so it's best to assume that the problem is with it and not openpyxl which follows the specification.

      <definedName function="false" hidden="false" localSheetId="0" name="_xlnm.Print_Titles" vbProcedure="false">
      <definedName function="false" hidden="false" localSheetId="0" name="_xlnm.Print_Titles" vbProcedure="false" xmlns="">
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