Upgrade to Django 1.8

Issue #118 resolved
Ed McDonagh created an issue

Django 1.7 has now been released. South is now no longer required, and a new version of South has been released to allow for dual running of the two schemes. However, it breaks how OpenREM is currently setup.

Therefore I need to fix OpenREM for 1.7 installs, probably make 1.7 a minimum requirement in the setup_tools config, and document the procedure for upgrading existing South migrated installs.

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  1. Ed McDonagh reporter

    Fixed for version 0.4.3 by changing the requirements to be django==1.6.

    Changed Milestone to Future, and downgraded from Blocker.

  2. Ed McDonagh reporter
    • changed milestone to 0.6.0

    Issue largely resolved by database migration in place for 0.5.1 - suggest Django 1.7 should be a target for 0.6, or maybe 0.5.2?

    Need to make sure that a/ it works and b/ we deal properly with existing database migrations.

  3. Ed McDonagh reporter

    @dplatten What do you think about upgrading to 1.7 as part of 0.6.0? I think to keep things simple we'd have to insist that everyone upgrades with us.

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