dose_tables.png typos

Issue #141 on hold
David Platten created an issue

The patient_study_module_attributes table in dose_tables.png shows a field called "patients_age" and "patients_age_decimal". These are incorrect - the actual field names don't have the "s" in them.

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  1. Ed McDonagh

    True - they did at the time I created that image. At some stage DICOM removed all possessive and plural 's' from the terms, and some stage probably a lot later that came to my attention. Hence the change.

    I won't do the diagram again (although it is out of date in many ways), because that one was created before the CT tables were added in. After which, the models exploded somewhat and the resulting modelsIncCT.png diagram is far less useful!

    If you know how to restrict the tables considered, then please go ahead ;-)

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