plot are missing after clean install and ~500 RDSR imports

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Shai Attia created an issue

I installed version 0.5.0 on a clean Ubuntu 12.04 following the installation instructions. I manage to import some (~500) CT RDSR dicom files (synthetic files). I can see the reports in the "home page" and filter loads reports as expected but the plot options at the bottom file are missing? Not sure if this is the right place for this question, but, anyway help will be appreciated.

Thanks Shai

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  1. Ed McDonagh

    Hi Shia

    Sorry, the charts are part of a version still in development. We're close to being ready to release version 0.5.1 - the first beta is currently being tested. After that, there may be one minor release but the focus will turn to getting version 0.6.0 released which will include the charting features that you are looking for.

    Maybe, @dplatten we should make this clearer on the demo site? It is listed in the text of the front page of the website, but if you just follow the link at the top you might not realise that the charts aren't released yet.

    I hope you find OpenREM useful - if you are willing to share your experience of using it and what you think about it on the google group mailing that would be great (see the Support link on the website). Comments, suggestions and code contributions are always welcome!



  2. David Platten

    I have added some text to the demo site to try and clarify that it is running a beta version that includes charts. This text appears at the top of the main page, CT filtered page and Radiographic filtered page.



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