Distance Source to Patient not captured in dx.py extractor

Issue #242 closed
Ed McDonagh created an issue

As reported by @hrkhosravi.

DICOM element 0018,1111: Distance Source to Patient is not captured in dx.py. CID 10008 doesn't have such a field, but does have Distance Source to Reference Point.

The model does however have a field Distance Source to Entrance, but the attempt to populate this field (in dx.py) fails as this is not the correct name. This should instead be

dist.distance_source_to_entrance_surface = get_value_kw('Distance​SourceToPatient',dataset)

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  1. Ed McDonagh reporter

    I've tested this @hrkhosravi and it seems to work. Can you try replacing your dx.py and dx_export.py files with the ones in these commits and test it please. You'll need to restart Celery, and I've only looked at the Excel export, not csv.

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