Issue with filter by model_name?

Issue #247 resolved
Ed McDonagh created an issue

Using a beta of 0.7, I can't filter by model name: Related Field got invalid lookup: model_name

and ..openrem/remapp/ in dx_summary_list_filter if requestResults.get('model_name') : f.qs.filter(generalequipmentmoduleattr__model_name=requestResults.get('model_name'))

However, it seems that we have been using generalequipmentmoduleattr__model_name when the real field name is manufacturer_model_name for some time - certainly in 0.6, and I have no problems there!

@dplatten - can you please check your installs for filter by model_name?

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  1. David Platten

    Fixed incorrect field name for model name in that was preventing filtering by model name from working correctly. I have searched the entire project for the text 'model_name' in PyCharm - it was incorrect in two places, both affecting the filtering. Fixes issue #247.

    → <<cset ad7ca0e0ea53>>

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