Plotting multiple charts causes links from some chart data to use incorrect filters

Issue #278 resolved
David Platten created an issue

For example, plotting both "Acquisition frequency" and "Requested procedure frequency" causes a problem with the links from the charts: clicking on a segment of the "Acquisition frequency" pie chart populates the "Requested procedure" filter, rather than the "Acquisition protocol" filter.

This definitely affects the CT charts, and almost certainly affects the radiographic ones too.

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  1. David Platten reporter

    For CT data the urlStart JavaScript variable was being overwritten for each chart type, causing an error with chart data point urls and therefore the filtering. Different variable names now used for acquisition, study and request charts. This fixes the problem for the CT charts. Need to look into this for radiographic charts too. References issue #278.

    → <<cset 17a891f341af>>

  2. David Platten reporter

    There is only one declaration of urlStart for the radiographic data, designed for use with acquisition protocol names. The variable is used in dxChartAjax.js six times, and in every case it is used correctly, with respect to acquisition protocol names. So this issue doesn't affect the radiographic data at the moment. However, I'm going to rename the variable urlStartAcq to make it clearer what it's for when adding other chart types in the future.

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