Requested procedure information not being populated for radiographic studies

Issue #339 resolved
David Platten created an issue

None of my radiographic images have the RequestedProcedureCodeSequence (0032,1064) data, so the requested procedure fields in OpenREM are blank. However, seven bits of kit (Siemens Ysio, two Philips Digital Diagnosts, four Agfa digital mobiles) have the data stored as RequestAttributesSequence (0040,0275). For example:

0040 0275      124 | request_attribute_sequence           | SQ |   1 |
    **** Item: length(116) offset(13966)
    0040 0007        8 | scheduled_procedure_step_description | LO |   1 | "XR Chest"
    0040 0008       48 | scheduled_protocol_code_sequence     | SQ |   1 |
        **** Item: length(40) offset(14002)
        0008 0100        6 | code_value                           | SH |   1 | "XCHES"
        0008 0102        2 | coding_scheme_designator             | SH |   1 | "SA"
        0008 0104        8 | code_meaning                         | LO |   1 | "XR Chest"
        ---- End Item
    ---- End Seq
    0040 0009       12 | scheduled_procedure_step_id          | SH |   1 | "RNS02335159"
    0040 1001       12 | requested_procedure_id               | SH |   1 | "RNS02335159"
    ---- End Item

I think that should be changed to use RequestAttributesSequence (0040,0275) if RequestedProcedureCodeSequence fails to retrieve anything, as both sets of data refer to requested procedures.

Two other rooms have the requested procedure stored under both ProcedureCodeSequence (0008,1032) and PerformedProtocolCodeSequence (0040,0260). could be altered to use this data to populate the request value and code as a final fall-back.

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  1. David Platten reporter

    Updated dx extractor. Now tries to obtain requested procedure code meaning from several locations, in this order: RequestedProcedureCodeSequence, RequestAttributesSequence, 0032,1060 (Requested Procedure Description) and PerformedProtocolCodeSequence. Tries to obtain requested procedure code value from several locations too, in this order: RequestedProcedureCodeSequence, RequestAttributesSequence and PerformedProtocolCodeSequence. Two of my rooms have what I know is the requested procedure code meaning in the Study Description tag, 0008,1030, but I can't use that here as it may cause problems for another OpenREM user. I don't think there is anywhere else that I can try and obtain the requested procedure information from, so this commit fixes issue #339.

    → <<cset 83c5c83ca119>>

  2. Ed McDonagh

    What is the issue with copying the value of 0008,1030 into the Requested Procedure Code Meaning field if there is nothing else there?

    Is it worth doing it just for a specific make/model?

  3. David Platten reporter

    I thought that for someone's x-ray kit the 0008,1030 tag may contain something that they actively don't want in the Requested Procedure Code Meaning field. It would help me out to use it, specifically for an Xograph (Canon) room. I'll see how easy it is to put in a make/model specific bit of code.

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