Sort by frequency with a series per system doesn't behave as I expect it to

Issue #355 resolved
Ed McDonagh
created an issue

I'd like the sort by frequency to sort by the sum of all the elements in any particular value on the x-axis, as it would have done if Plot a series per system wasn't ticked.

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  1. Ed McDonagh reporter

    Unfortunately this seems to have broken sorting by DLP and frequency - only sorting alphabetically is working now. This is on a version I rolled from the before these changes, with the new versions of the static folder, the ctfiltered.html and dxfiltered.html and the copied over.

    I have tried CT and DX and I think they are behaving the same.

  2. Ed McDonagh reporter

    I've restarted the runserver web server, and used a newly opened browser with cache etc purged, and I've got the same result. I'll roll a new build to make sure I copied everything correctly.

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