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Issue #373 resolved

? charts date range not same as list filter

Ed McDonagh
created an issue

I wanted to check if there was data missing after an automated QR failure over the Easter weekend, so I used the Study Workload chart with the DX data to see if any days were missing or unusually short of data.

With the filter set 'from 2016-03-23', there were only two events on Wednesdays, which corresponded to the number in the database from today. However I knew there were a significant number on 23rd (a Wednesday) from looking at the filtered list.

With the filter set to 'from 2016-03-22', there were now 52 events on Wednesdays, despite no extra Wednesday's being added!

This is using 0.7.0 b12 on PostgreSQL

Comments (7)

  1. David Platten

    Ed McDonagh, my live system is using 0.7.0b2. This suffers from the problem that you describe in this issue. My test system, which is up-to-date with the latest commit from the issue61 branch, is fine. So I've changed something that has fixed it...

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