Model change in 5872a50 doesn't migrate for postgres

Issue #376 resolved
Ed McDonagh created an issue

In commit 5872a50 I changed the field type of a field that had never been populated. This was an automigration for SQLite, but PostgreSQL isn't happy!

This change needs to be reverted somehow.

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  1. Ed McDonagh reporter

    Deleted acquisition_device_type from the model, added new acquisition_device_type_cid. Field is only used in process of deciding which tables to populate on import, never used again, so users of 0.7 b13 shouldn't be adversely affected. Changed to _cid version in rdsr. Needs testing. Refs #376.

    → <<cset 7d314c1f4764>>

  2. Ed McDonagh reporter

    Changed field has now been deleted and replaced with different named field. Shouldn't affect b13 users as field only used during import. Requires database migration. Might complain about deleting data. Fixes #376

    → <<cset e1df13ef904e>>

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