Consider putting skin dose maps in subfolders

Issue #398 resolved
Ed McDonagh created an issue

If a user has a large flouro dataset, and an operating system that doesn't like too many objects in one folder, eventually having all the pickles in one folder could be a problem.

Consider putting them in folders - it could either be by pk_id, or maybe by date of study? pk_id might be easier to implement.

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  1. Ed McDonagh reporter

    That's fine - though off the top of my head I'm wondering if the exports folder paths are recorded in the db, whereas these are - go take a look, is it there, if not, make it. As long as the study date is handy, then it's not going to be hard to calculate what the path would have been, so it doesn't really matter.

    Sorry, I'm rambling. I'll stop now.

  2. David Platten

    Skin dose map pickle files now saved and loaded from a folder structure of the form MEDIA_ROOT\skin_maps\yyyy\mm\dd\skin_map_X.p where yyyy, mm and dd are the year, month and day that the study took place, and X is the private key of the specific study in the database. If study_date doesn't exist, or is null, then the pickle file is saved and loaded from MEDIA_ROOT\skin_maps\skin_map_XXXX.p (I haven't checked that this bit works, as all of my data has a study_date). References issue #398

    → <<cset 6e831c78e779>>

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