Server error on mammo export - suspect missing data as per Issue #28

Issue #43 resolved
Ed McDonagh created an issue

Reported by DJ Platten. Looks like it might be the same as Issue #28 that was fixed for RDSR imports, but not applied to mammography or Philips CT.

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  1. Ed McDonagh reporter

    Previous commit addressing #43 fixed issues for all but Hologic study. This commit adds if statement for collimated_field_area before calculating area - value doesn't exist in Hologic and was therefore falling over on import. Addresses #43.

    → <<cset 6426a885fbb9>>

  2. Ed McDonagh reporter

    Initial changes to import code tested with 0.3.8-b1 - all but Hologic now work.

    Import code changed again to cater for missing collimated field area in Hologic images and tested with 0.3.8-b2. All the tested mammo imports now work, and modified import code still works with Senographe DS images.

  3. Ed McDonagh reporter

    Addresses #48. CT xlsx export now works with patient age criteria. Also improved filtering to only filter on fields that have a value. This would probably have been a better way to fix previous export errors - see #28 and #43. TODO apply new technique to csv CT, fluoro and mammo exports -- see #49 -- and add age filters to fluoro and mammo.

    → <<cset 540245ffe427>>

  4. Ed McDonagh reporter

    Fixes #48 and #49. Patient age filtering and exporting now works. Exports are now more robust rendering the modifications made for refs #28 and #43 unnecessary. Filtering before exporting is now unnecessary - see #50 for docs changes required.

    → <<cset bf88368dd533>>

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