Skin maps fail with existing fluoro studies

Issue #438 resolved
Ed McDonagh
created an issue

make_skin_map sets patient position to None if it isn't recorded in the database. I think it should be set to HFS instead.

As it is set to None, there are subsequent routines that either don't set to HFS because patPos does have a value (ie None), or the routine simply quits passing an error message.

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  1. David Platten

    It will be easy to add the display of patient orientation. I can add it below the four items already there (I would prefer the wordy description, rather than the acronym):

    • Calculated peak skin dose: 0.0018 Gy
    • Phantom dimensions: 70x34x20 cm (HxWxD)
    • Assumed patient height: 1.79 m
    • Assumed patient mass: 73.2
    • Assumed patient orientation: head-first supine
  2. David Platten

    The "Assumed" wording is hard-written in for the patient size attributes. I'll make it depend on whether defaults have been used. I'm doing these modifications in the issue438Noneposition branch. Will make some commits this evening.

  3. David Platten

    Skin dose maps now display either Assumed or Extracted for patient height, mass and orientation information depending on whether the corresponding information is available in the database. I think I'd prefer verbose orientations to be displayed, such as Head-first supine, rather than HFS, but can't work out how to do this at the moment (ideas welcome...). References issue #438 and #61

    → <<cset 80713e1992b4>>

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