Make chart options more accessible - plot histograms

Issue #439 resolved
Ed McDonagh created an issue

After @dplatten's demonstration at CTUG 2016, I see that it would be very useful to have better access to turning histograms on and off.

The workflow was:

  • Start with histogram plotting off, series per system off
  • Start with initial filter, a few charts
  • Establish what you are interested in, use the 'zoom' function on the bar charts to filter out just the high frequency ones, choose something to filter further on - just one requested procedure for example
  • Turn on series per system
  • Replot?
  • Turn on histograms
  • Replot

It would be better to be able to make these configuration changes without leaving the page or having a second tab - so either a menu item that reloads the page or having the tick boxes in the charts options section of each page would help.

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  1. David Platten

    Added Plot a series per system and Calculate histogram data tick options to each filtered html page so that users can switch these options on and off without going to the main Chart options page. Fixes issue #439

    → <<cset 2f3afb39d3a4>>

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