Filtering from charts can fail in IE

Issue #441 resolved
Ed McDonagh created an issue

Filtering from charts with non-ASCII characters are passed without modification to the IE URL, which then fails. In Chrome the non-ASCII characters are converted with %.

Filtering the same names in the side table filter works fine, django sorts out the %.

It's likely we need to use django.utils.http.urlquote or something.

from django.utils import http
http.urlquote("Ländryggen DX")

Is this something you might look at @dplatten?

Initial bug report was from Love Kull

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  1. David Platten

    Fixed issue where links from pie chart, histogram and over-time plot points failed when the links contained non-ASCII characters. Used JavaScript encodeURI function to solve the problem. Fixes issue #441

    → <<cset 3cca23da1114>>

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