Export RF to XLSX can't cope with multiple filters

Issue #442 resolved
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Actually the same issue as #430, but for RF (rf_export.py; line 387):

Task remapp.exports.rf_export.rfxlsx[97e5cc1f-b1c6-47d1-86d6-27d0463ad6b3] raised unexpected: MultipleObjectsReturned('get() returned more than one XrayFilters -- it returned 2!',)

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  1. Ed McDonagh

    Thanks for the report @Luuk

    It is the same in that it is the .get() that is triggering the error when there is more than one filter (should be .all()), but different in that the DX code has a method of looping through the filters, which needs to be added to the RF export.

    Is this something you want to have a go at? Maybe by forking the repo on bitbucket, checking out the issue442RFfilterexports branch, making your changes and sending me a pull request aimed at that branch.

  2. Ed McDonagh

    ref #442 Solved multiple x-ray filter issue in export of RF data Removed unused and double imports Solved issue with non-existing data (Philips Veradius doesn't send a.o. kVp / minimum filter thickness) Added comments marked with LO for later review (not related to current issue)

    Signed-off-by: UMCN\z627112 luuk_oostveen@hotmail.com

    → <<cset 66ce8f28afa4>>

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