Entire study retrieved with "-sr" option of qrscu

Issue #475 resolved
Tim de Wit created an issue

When using the "-sr" option of qrscu, at least one modality has to be specified. When the specified modalities do not include CT, the complete SR-containing study is retrieved instead of only the SR series.

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  1. Ed McDonagh

    I guess the SR option should standalone. If it is specified, we should ignore any modality selection, and document it as such. And make it work like that of course!

    The deleting unwanted series bit needs an overhaul too. It doesn't take account of the possibility of RDSR in mammo or DX series, and it doesn't handle the SR containing studies that have come in due to the SR flag.

    I guess we should check if there are any other modalities in an SR only study, and if there are then just drop the whole study (the use case for this is RDSR that are on a DICOM server with no accompanying images).

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