Extract additional data from older Philips CT scans

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David Platten created an issue

The ct_philips.py OpenREM extractor can be used to obtain dose data from Philips dose summary images. This works well. However, for the Philips Brilliance 64 at my workplace certain information isn't contained in the dose summary image:

  • acquisition protocol for each component of a scan
  • exposure time per rotation for each component of a scan
  • exposure modulation type for each component of a scan

This data is available in the DICOM tags of the CT images themselves.

It should be possible to match up the dose data in the summary image with the appropriate CT series so that this additional information can be obtained and associated with the correct dose data. Each exposure dose sequence in the dose summary image includes a reference to a Series Number. This matches the corresponding Series Number in the CT images.

I'm not sure what the methodology would have to be at the moment.

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  1. David Platten reporter

    This issue would also require that OpenREM retrieves (or is sent) the images as well as the dose summary image. @edmcdonagh, is it possible at the moment to tell qrscu.py to retrieve Philips images as well as the dose summary image?

  2. Ed McDonagh

    Not currently @dplatten, but once I've finally finished adding all the tests to the heavily modified version @tcdewit has created I will need to look at doing that (see branch issue472SeparateStudySeriesFiltering-tcdewit and issue #472). Are you itching to proceed, or can you mock it up for now?

  3. David Platten reporter

    Thanks @edmcdonagh. It isn't urgent, so I'll wait for the issue 472 branch to be complete before I do anything.

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