Null value in chart data prevents bar chart from displaying

Issue #504 resolved
David Platten created an issue

If a null mean or median value is present in the data passed to the JavaScript plotting routines then none of the series is shown.

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  1. David Platten reporter

    There's actually a check for null values in lines 217 and 218 of the routine. These checks need to be made earlier in the routine, and over-write any null values with a zero.

    This can be fixed by adding a check for null mean or median values and replacing them with a zero in the updateAverageChart function contained in the chartUpdateData.js file. An additional line of code is required in four places, of the form:

    if (summary_data[i][j].mean == null) summary_data[i][j].mean = 0;


    if (summary_data[i][j].median == null) summary_data[i][j].median = 0;

    as appropriate.

  2. David Platten reporter

    It doesn't affect the data displayed in the charts at all, so what the user sees is not affected. As it stands you are faced with a blank plot until you click on the legend of the offending null-containing series. At that point the offending series is hidden and the rest of the series are displayed.

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