Add German translation of interface strings

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Ed McDonagh created an issue

Once issue #512 is underway

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  1. Ed McDonagh reporter

    Hi @Georg Stamm - I have finally spent some time to work out how to do the translations! There are some initial instructions at but they might not be clear enough as to what you need to do! I’m hoping I can get a gratis hosting plan at Weblate, which will make the process much nicer, but if not, and if you want to start having a go, you could start by creating a branch from develop (preferably called issue514german or similar), and start translating the strings in the .po files in docs/locales/de/LC_MESSAGES/ either by hand or using software like Then if you push that back to here, I can configure ReadTheDocs to build it automatically 🙂

    Bear in mind that some of the docs are legacy from previous versions and are awaiting updates to version 1.0 or deletion, so don’t be too thorough if you do get started!

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