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David Platten created an issue

The combination of fields that are combined to produce a unique combination to enable display names to be allocated isn't unique enough for one of my systems. I'd like to add "Detector ID", tag 0018,700A to the fields that are used. Without this, two of the Fuji rooms at my Trust are indistinguishable using the current criteria.

I don't know how much of a headache it is to change the display name criteria.

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  1. Luuk

    For RDSRs a "Device Observer UID" should be present. I Would suggest to use this UID to uniquely identify a station. I know for non-rdsr imports this is not the solution, but for rdsrs it is. So use "Device Observer UID" if present, otherwise the current (or new) diplay name logic.

    An advance is that the UID is the same as other parameters may change (like software version), so you don't need to map it again to the same display name (that can be handled automatically). This might also solve your Fuji room problem (if they send rdsrs).

  2. David Platten reporter

    I have just been reminded of this issue when trying to find images from a specific Fuji mobile system. I can’t do this with the current display name setup: I need “Detector ID” adding to the combination.

  3. David Platten reporter

    I have spoken to a helpful Fuji engineer who is going to update the station names on our systems. These are all set to the default of “fpd0”, or one of “RU0” or “ru0” at the moment. Once these are each set to something unique to the system then this issue goes away for me.

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