AMQP result backend is scheduled for deprecation

Issue #582 resolved
Ben Earner created an issue

For celery v.4.0.2 Using the current I get the following warning:

The AMQP result backend is scheduled for deprecation in  version 4.0 and removal in version v5.0.  Please use RPC backend or a persistent backend.

Can it simply be changed to this in


Or does the broker url need changing as well? I'm still a bit clueless over some of the celery functionality and what this means for OpenREM...(!)

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  1. Ed McDonagh
    • changed milestone to Future
    • changed component to Tasks

    Adding to future as not required for version 0.8.

    As to what the necessary change is, I'd have to look into it. Happy for others to try, test and propose changes :-)

  2. David Platten

    I've been using the rpc celery backend on my live system for some time. It doesn't seem to have caused any problems (that I'm aware of...)

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