Possibility for user to change password

Issue #606 resolved
Luuk created an issue

Make it possible for a normal (not admin) user to change his password. Eventually also add a "lost password" option.

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  1. Luuk reporter

    Refs issue #606 User password change

    Commit makes it possible for user to change password.

    Documentation and changelist not yet changed. Lost password option not added.

    → <<cset c8c59bf6045f>>

  2. Luuk reporter

    @edmcdonagh What do you think, about this change? Especially the change in base.html. If you are Ok, I can change documentation and create pull request.

  3. Ed McDonagh

    Great stuff. I'll have to pull it in to see what it looks like, but in principle I am happy. @dplatten - can you do the same please?

    In general I'd like to get all the user administration, including privilege rights, into the standard interface so we don't need to go to the Django admin interface.

    Have you got email setup on your systems?

  4. Luuk reporter

    No, I don't have the email setup (so using password recovery wouldn't be possible at the moment). Actually I would like to authenticate through the AD of the hospital using AD-groups and link these to django-groups. But I didn't look into this, yet.

  5. David Platten

    @LuukO, this is great. It's a feature I've wanted for a long time - thanks for coding it. I've just updated my test system with the password branch. The password reset works as expected. My only comment is about the style of the text. When there is no user logged in to OpenREM version 0.8 the top-right hand bit of the page looks like this:


    When no user is logged in to the password branch the top-right hand bit of the page looks like this:


    Is it possible to make the password branch use the same style of text as version 0.8?

  6. Ed McDonagh

    As a side-effect, the horizontal width of the nav-bar text is reduced by knocking the login/logout text into the menu, which is good as the folding doesn't happen at the right point. This reduces the issue very slightly.

  7. Luuk reporter

    So, are we all happy with this? I think for now we keep it like this. In future we could add password recovery (e-mail should be set up) and other admin options. Shall I change documentation and create a pull request?

  8. Luuk reporter

    It seems there is no documentation about logging in. Do we need to create it, or is it too obvious (well-known)? Personally I think, for a normal user, it just works like any other (webbrowser) application.

  9. Ed McDonagh

    There is a comment about being presented with the login screen just above this heading: http://docs.openrem.org/en/0.8.0/i_navigate.html#filtering-for-specific-studies (new for 0.4!)

    I notice that the images on that page have been updated and it has all gone a bit wrong... need to fix that for the next release.

    I think it would be worth creating a new section in http://docs.openrem.org/en/0.8.0/configuration.html for user administration. It is touched on with respect to configuring the users in http://docs.openrem.org/en/0.8.0/startservices.html#configure-the-settings but should be addressed again in the configuration and administration section.

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