User can no longer click anywhere on each display name row to select it

Issue #609 resolved
David Platten
created an issue

Users used to be able to click anywhere on a display name row in order to select it (check the box on the left of the row). This doesn't work in the 0.8.0b1, almost certainly due to the tables being populated using AJAX.

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  1. David Platten reporter

    Fixed problem where clicking on a row in the display name table no longer resulted in that row's checkbox being toggled. It was broken by the AJAX changes. I realise I haven't created a specific branch for this, but was concerned about conflicts. Fixes issue #609

    → <<cset b254d7b97242>>

  2. Tim de Wit

    This fix doesn't work for me though... I'm using v0.8.0b1 + following files from develop (for fixing sorting bug):

    • review_summary_list.html
    • displaynameview.html
    • displayname-modality.html
    • displayname-last-date.html
    • displayname-count.html
  3. Ed McDonagh

    We messed up the PR for this slightly, so you also need to look at the merge at 2a3c091 to see all the files you need. But where a file is mentioned in both the PR and the merge I have linked to, you need the later version from the PR. i.e. the one in develop.

    Hope there is some sense in there somewhere!

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