Study continuation RDSRs not handled by duplicate RDSR fix

Issue #625 resolved
Ed McDonagh created an issue

In issue ref #114 the issue of duplicate RDSRs was dealt with on the basis that each new RDSR contained all the events of the previous RDSRs. This is the situation for the newer Siemens software that creates a new RDSR fof each event, with each one being cumulative.

However, if a study is completed, then re-opened and continued, the new RDSR (at least on the older software) only contains the details of the new events. However the StudyInstanceUID is the same. This is actually the situation originally posed in issue #114, but the #114 fix would currently delete the first part of the study and replace it with the second part and lose the initial data.

IrradiationEventUIDs are recorded in the database and they are mandatory in the template so we can assume we have them. From this, we could compare the new RDSR to the database version, and instead of just checking the series time as per #114, we could do the following:

  • if StudyInstanceUID different, import
  • elif IrradiationEventUID in database also in file, do as per #114
  • else import as new study - Accession number, patient age etc will indicate link at user level.

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  1. Ed McDonagh reporter

    Reworked the duplicate RDSR study instance UID code so it should work for cumulative RDSRs, continuation RDSRs and duplicate RDSRs. Should also avoid issue of time() being called on a NoneType. Refs #625, #114

    → <<cset 87382c2fba58>>

  2. Ed McDonagh reporter

    Need to add tests based on continued study and generalise to the x-ray template (currently expects CT template).

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