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Issue #658 resolved
David Platten
created an issue

It may be useful to have an indication of number of studies carried out using each imaging system in the past week and month on the home page. This may form the first part of a dashboard that managers may find useful.

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  1. David Platten reporter

    It would be easy to allow configuration of the time periods used for the two workload figures, and even enable these to be different for each type modality. Could have charts of studies per time period (day/week/month/year) plotted over time, with a series per room.

  2. David Platten reporter

    Added configurable time periods to user profile to use for summary workload figures on home page. Added code to use these values to show appropriate totals on the home page. Using defaults of 7 and 28 days; also using these values if no user is logged in. Need to enable the user to change these values via options. References issue #658

    → <<cset a911d90a94a3>>

  3. David Platten reporter

    Fixed issue that I caused by adding extra data to what was being passed to the home templates. This was causing extra blank rows to appear in the modality tables. I've fixed this by passing the home page config as a separate variable. References issue #658

    → <<cset 2dd4117a8051>>

  4. David Platten reporter

    I don't know. My includes a line relating to the debug toolbar in MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES, and includes an if settings.DEBUG that mentions debug_toolbar.urls, but I don't know how to see or use the toolbar.

  5. David Platten reporter

    OK. I have it working now, but I don't think that it's showing me the time taken or number of queries for the AJAX calls that retrieve the details about studies for each modality. Have you managed to get it to do that?

  6. Ed McDonagh

    I like it, particularly if it loads in the same time as without. For smaller screens, maybe "Number in last x days"? Otherwise it folds to four lines at 800 wide, or three lines at 1024 wide.

  7. David Platten reporter

    There is a performance hit to having the workload data on the home page. For example, my live system has 249,000 radiographic studies across 20 rooms. CPU time for the DX AJAX call is 2.5 s without the workload info, and 4.0 s with the workload info. However, it doesn't feel slower due to the main page appearing immediately, quickly followed by the modalities with fewer rooms (CT, fluoroscopy), then mammo, then radiographic.

  8. Ed McDonagh

    Hmm. That's quite a difference. On my old server, that would have been a killer! I'll try it out with my database when I get a chance.

    It could be that we should populate the two new columns as additional AJAX calls - we need to make sure the user can get through to clicking on the system off their choice as quickly as possible.

  9. David Platten reporter

    @Ed McDonagh, this is causing me some problems. I can't work out how to update each row of the summary tables with the workload data as a result of a new AJAX call. In the first AJAX call I was going to label the two workload cells of each row of the table with a unique id, based on a concatenation of display name, modality and delta a or b. I was then going to use these id values in the second AJAX call to update the values. However, I can't guarantee that the display name will only contain valid characters that can be used as an HTML id label. Any thoughts?

  10. Ed McDonagh

    I've pulled this onto my laptop, and something is not working correctly because different modalities that have similar numbers and date ranges are showing with some at 0 and some with hundreds in the date ranges I've selected.

    I'll need to concentrate a but harder to work it through though!

  11. David Platten reporter

    Although the code works it isn't very efficient, as it goes through every entry in the display name table, rather than just the unique names. Not sure how to obtain a list of unique display names, together with the pk of the first entry of this name in the table.

  12. David Platten reporter

    I've just added a HomePageAdminSettings table to I purposefully kept the name general as we may want to add other fields to this as time goes on.

  13. David Platten reporter

    @Ed McDonagh this is now sorted as far as I am concerned (except for updating the documentation and changes files). The current code is on There's a new home page admin-level setting that can switch the display and calculation of the workload data on or off.

  14. Ed McDonagh

    I want to make a 0.8.2 bug fix release after I attempted to use OpenREM to query-retrieve directly our old GE LS 16 RT, and found it didn't send back mandatory tags (surprise!) such as SOPClassUID and sometimes series level modality, plus (more importantly) the code fell over if the optional ModalitiesInStudy was not returned as a tag. Ultimately, I now have it querying the scanner using the Toshiba flag to get my data - so thanks!

    Which is a long winded way of saying why don't you tag this with 0.8.2 and put in a pull request when the docs are done?

  15. Ed McDonagh

    We've made the same choice throughout the code, but I think rather than redirecting to '/openrem/' we should really use HttpResponseRedirect(reverse(home)), I think.

    I am worried about the changes in Pull Request #223 and issue #667 and whether it will work throughout or if all our hard-coded URLs will mess it up!

    Obviously I'm not suggesting changing them all in this branch, but if we could use the more Django way for new code then we might be in a better place 🙂 Django docs for ref:

  16. Ed McDonagh
    • changed status to open

    Sorry, @David Platten - I'd like to keep it open until it is merged into develop, else I lose it in the issues list (I know the PR is open, so I'd see it there).

    I'd like to pull it into my test system to look it over once more if that's ok before merging - or maybe if you could throw the latest onto testing I could look there?

    Thanks Ed

  17. David Platten reporter

    @Ed McDonagh that's no problem. The latest code is on the way to the testing site. I'd suggest you look at it on your own test system too, as the testing system is really fast and not representative of a real situation.

  18. David Platten reporter

    Added info message to inform user if homepage workload stats are switched off when they are viewing the homepage options. The message is different for a normal user and admin user. I've also amended the colspan of the homepage modality tables so that it is correct. References issue #658

    → <<cset fdecf9a4b1ec>>

  19. David Platten reporter

    Added user home page options entry back onto the config menu. This only appears if the display of workload stats is activated in the admin options, and then only when the user is on the home page or the user- or admin-level home page option views. References issue #690 and issue #658

    → <<cset 87f0848f39b9>>

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