Philips Azurion dosereports rejected by openrem

Issue #673 resolved
Dennis created an issue

When I send a dosereport from an azurion system it does produce an entry in the database but is not showing up for any modality and django seems to throw an error:

django.core.exceptions.ValidationError: [u"'' value must be a decimal number."]

Analysis by Ed suggests that what is happening is as follows: The calibration factor information is present, but the values are empty The numeric values (factor, uncertainty) can be blank, but they can't be a string We don't check what the value is - if the CodeMeaning is there, we assign the NumericValue to the table field When we then save the table, it tries to save the DecimalField with the value '', which isn't allowed. We'll need to put some if statements in there to ensure we have a number before assigning the value

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  1. Ed McDonagh

    Temporary local fix for empty calibration factor for ref #673. However, structure of RDSR is different so accumulated data isn't being extracted. Need to walk through the RDSR and the code to establish what is going on!

    → <<cset 6b3bc813e9ac>>

  2. Ed McDonagh
    • First issue is that there is no StudyInstanceUID! So the duplicates check code is skipped.
    • No AccessionNumber - has the example you sent me been excessively 'anonymised'?

    Darn, mouse stopped working in my VM. Have to save this comment and restart it :(

  3. Ed McDonagh

    The AcquisitionDeviceType is presented as Integrated Projection Radiography System. My reading of the standard is that this should be Fluoroscopy-Guided Projection Radiography System.

    As a result, none of the accumulated fluoroscopy or acquisition data is extracted by OpenREM as the relevant function isn't triggered. ThereforeOpenREM presents the study as radiography, and if you use the function to specify the modality all of the accumulated fluoroscopy information is missing.

    @dickrsch - is this a full release of the software? This seems wrong to me. Do you think I have interpreted the standard wrongly?

  4. Dennis reporter

    That sounds reasonable. This is a full release of the software though and seems to deviate significantly from the previous (Allura) platform implementation. I should dive into the standard to see if I can understand why they went for Integrated Projection system....

  5. Ed McDonagh

    You might like to use the Config -> Display names and modalities -> Review option to remove any remnants of the previous import attempts for this system. You might find it in DX or Other, or it might not be there.

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