Manual setting of acquisition_ctdi_min/max - should it work?

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Ed McDonagh created an issue

This might not be an issue, more a question.

If I use the CTDIvol per acquisition histogram and select a particular division to view just those studies, that works.

But if I manipulate the GET data to change the acquisition_ctdi_min or acquisition_ctdi_max then the values are ignored and all the data is shown.

Is this the expected behaviour?

Also, as an aside, is acquisitionhist=1 an artefact from a no-longer used method? I can't find how it is ever referenced after being set in the code...

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  1. David Platten

    If I manipulate the acquisition_ctdi_min or acquisition_ctdi_max values in the URL then these are respected, and only the filtered data is shown.

    The acquisition_ctdi_min and acquisition_ctdi_max filters are only used to filter the data if there is also something in acquisition_protocol or study_description. See lines 240 to 298 in (link here).

    I think acquisitionhist=1 is an artefact from earlier code too.

  2. David Platten

    When I say "URL" I am talking about a URL that was initially produced by clicking on a chart histogram bar. Just putting the ctdi_min or _max filters in a URL without an acquisition_protocol or study_description will have no effect and all data will be shown.

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