Windows TASKKILL syntax incorrect in documentation

Issue #712 resolved
David Platten created an issue

The following line in the example batch file to restart Celery on Windows is incorrect:

TASKKILL /IM /F celery.exe

celery.exe must immediately follow the /IM:

TASKKILL /IM celery.exe /F

In addition, adding a /T will kill any associated python.exe processes:

TASKKILL /IM celery.exe /T /F

This is the case for all versions of the OpenREM documentation. @edmcdonagh, how do I retrospectively update the old docs?

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  1. Ed McDonagh

    We can build docs from tags or branches, with the docs taking the name of the tag or branch.

    Therefore the docs are generally tied to a code release, which in this case is a bit of a problem.

    We could release a new release on each 'branch', so a 0.8.2 or a, and we could remove the current docs. But that won't help because each release comes with links to the appropriate docs, and these will all be broken.

    I don't know what the solution to this is. Before now, I have had to do a new release just for docs, when I spotted errors immediately post release, so no-one would have the deprecated version installed.

    I don't know if you can have a branch with the same name as a tag - which could mean we could carry on developing the docs without releasing a new code version? Not sure how much confusion that would cause to git?

    Alternatively, should the docs be in a different branch to the code? They would have to both be in both, because of the auto-documentation. But we could create a 0.9.0-docs branch when we create the 0.9.0 tag, then we can make docs changes to 0.9.0-docs after the release of 0.9.0; ie the code is fixed but the docs can change.

    That sounds like a plan. Sorry for thinking aloud! And it doesn't help with retrospective changes. The only thing we can do for that is put a notice on the google group I guess.

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