In RabbitMQ administration the 'default' celery queue is hardcoded

Issue #716 resolved
Luuk created an issue

In the RabbitMQ administration the 'default' celery queue is defined as (line 3237 in

                if queue['name'] == u'default':

While actually the name of the queue is defined in "":


I would suggest to change line 3237 as:

                if queue['name'] == settings.CELERY_DEFAULT_QUEUE:

Of course you need to import the 'openremproject.settings' first.

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  1. Luuk reporter

    Also in template rabbitmq_queues.html the queues are compared to the string 'default'. But I think this part can be omitted as the 'default' queue shouldn't appear in the "other_queues" any more.

  2. Luuk reporter

    Resolves issue #716 - default queue is hard coded

    removed comparison of the name of other_queues to 'default' string in rabbitmq_queues.html

    changed 'default' to settings.CELERY_DEFAULT_QUEUE in

    → <<cset 0a0a21e83bcc>>

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