Update 0.9.1 docs for reverse js changes

Issue #754 resolved
Luuk created an issue
  • Add reverse js upgrade instructions if using virtual directory
  • Change reverse js install instructions if using virtual directory
  • Take care user is using version 0.9.1 of django-reverse-js

Possibly update default reverse.js

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  1. Luuk reporter

    Refs Issue #754

    • Updated installation documentation concerning the reverse.js
    • Updated upgrade documenation concerning the reverse.js
    • Corrected an apparent mistake: 'reverse.js' was called 'reverse.py' in the documentation
    • Updated setup.py to have a minimal django-js-reverse version of 0.9.1
    • Created a fresh reverse.js [skip ci]

    → <<cset 3441609d67aa>>

  2. Luuk reporter

    @edmcdonagh If I change the setup.py to set the minimal version of django-js-reverse, will that be respected with an upgrade ('pip install openrem==0.9.1' or ‘pip install openrem -U’)?

  3. Luuk reporter

    I think this is fine as it is now. @edmcdonagh Are you ok? Then we can create a pull request.

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