StationName filtering in QR can conflict if different at study and series level

Issue #772 resolved
Ed McDonagh created an issue

One PACS behaves as follows:

  • If not all series have the same StationName, but all are CT, then the study level StationName is set to MIXEDCT

    • For example, all but the 'Bayer injection images' have the CT scanner's StationName, that series has None
  • If not all have the same StationName and some are CT, some are NM, the study level StationName is set to MIXEDCTNM

    • For example, a PET-CT system has a StationName of MEDPC for the CT and SR, but SYMBIAT16 for the NM series

If you try and use --stationname_include "MIXEDCT", all of the above studies will be captured at study level. But when the check is repeated at series level, they will all be excluded as MIXEDCT never appears as the series level StationName.

If you try and use --stationname_include "MEDPC", all will be rejected at study level as that StationName only appears at series level.

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  1. Ed McDonagh reporter

    Changed so that default is series only, option is to check at study level only. Change to existing behaviour. Refs #772. Still need to add tests and add to web interface.

    → <<cset 8829fb77dadd>>

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